Don’t think that I don’t see what you are doing, don’t think I dont understand your intent, don’t think for one second that I am naive. Just know that I see it all and can see it with much clarity.
I could chose to react the same way, be rude, say things to make you feel little, demean you, or make you want to crawl out of your skin. I could chose to make you feel how you make me feel or I can choose to see that you also have beauty in that ugliness, I can chose to hold my head high, be kind, be humble, and shine even when you try to make me feel less. I can rise as you try to knock me down.
I chose the second. I will smile when you are mean, I will be kind even as you take your best shot. I will chose to find the beauty within you even when you are showing me the ugly side of your heart. I will chose to shine, somedays I may not shine as bright and begin to dim, but I will always burn. Do not mistake this as a weakness, it is a strength, don’t mistake it as being stupid and not seeing the big picture. I am not naive, I have been through things you will never know or can imagine that has allowed me to read a person, know their behaviors, know exactly what to expect, it is how I had to survive, trust me, I am no fool.
I chose to build others up. It gives me joy to see that people smile, I love seeing a woman confident in their own skin in the true beauty kind of way where they make everyone around them feel beautiful and feel happy. That is true beauty and confidence. A strong woman inspires other woman to be the best they can be and shines for them when they have been knocked down and helps them up. A strong woman never looks down on another woman unless they are helping them up.
I chose to be strong! I will use your bitterness, your rude comments and your assumed judgement of who I am as the fuel of my soul to show you that I am strong and I will use it to shine back a light in which maybe you can learn the beauty of buildings others up, instead of tearing them down for your own delight because you yourself have insecurities like the rest of us.
I encourage everyone to give it a try. It’s not easy, in fact it is very hard, but it is the most rewarding and you have the opportunity to give someone a gift of true compassion, love, and beauty 🙂 You will set the standard for allowing everyone to be unique and beautiful in who they really are.

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