Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

I am learning to be comfortable being incomfortable!
Sometimes we are so afraid to step outside of our comfort zones or face our fears! I am learning that truly everything we want is on that other side of our fear! Our fears and insecurities are the only things that hold us back for ourselves, our goals and our successes!
Life is about learning, falling, failing, getting back up and starting over, it’s about perseverance, and strength, weakness and growing! It’s about facing fears, learning to believe in yourself, redefining yourself, loving fully, giving of yourself without expectation, being kind and smiling even sometimes you just want to cry, it’s about giving it your all even after you have been crushed or disappointed!
Life is not meant to be easy! The easy things are easy! It’s the hard things that are worth it and take the most work yet they are the most rewarding and bring the most joy and fulliment.
So love with all you have, give as if there is no tomorrow, enjoy the moment of each day and don’t let your fears hold you back or steal your joy!

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