Insecurities bring out the ugly in all of us. After all they stem from our own negative self talk and image and how others talk to us and treat us and what the world says we should be. When did speaking negative and treating others unkindly become so much easier than finding the positive and speaking it? We are all so worried about being hurt, rejected, or good enough that we build our own walls to protect us from being hurt but it doesn’t accomplish that at all! Being able to put yourself out there especially to those we feel threatened by maybe because of how they look or possibly by the nasty way they treat us makes us vulnerable!
Vulnerability is an extremely difficult value to learn but how truly beautiful it can be, it allows us to feel more compassion for others, it allows us to build others up in a genuine way and it allows also to see the beauty within ourselves that we cheat ourselves out of daily by being afraid to be real and what others might think or say! Vulnerability is actually an incredible strength and the farthest thing from a weakness. Find the positive in your life and in others and speak it. Speak light and not focus on the negative or the what ifs, focus on the now and here and see the positive and beauty in everything, allow yourself to be vulnerable!! It allows you to see life from a very different perspective! I won’t mislead you, allowing yourself to be vulnerable especially to somebody or something you are threatened by takes lots of courage but after a few times it actually brings so much light into your life! Speak life, shine and bring light to others! It’s an amazing feeling to put someone else’s insecurity to rest, to find the gold in everyone and to make someone sparkle a little brighter by being vulnerable and courageous enough to speak the positive and see the Beauty in everything after all it’s not the norm everything is so focused on everything bad.

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