Don’t think that I don’t see what you are doing, don’t think I dont understand your intent, don’t think for one second that I am naive. Just know that I see it all and can see it with much clarity.
I could chose to react the same way, be rude, say things to make you feel little, demean you, or make you want to crawl out of your skin. I could chose to make you feel how you make me feel or I can choose to see that you also have beauty in that ugliness, I can chose to hold my head high, be kind, be humble, and shine even when you try to make me feel less. I can rise as you try to knock me down.
I chose the second. I will smile when you are mean, I will be kind even as you take your best shot. I will chose to find the beauty within you even when you are showing me the ugly side of your heart. I will chose to shine, somedays I may not shine as bright and begin to dim, but I will always burn. Do not mistake this as a weakness, it is a strength, don’t mistake it as being stupid and not seeing the big picture. I am not naive, I have been through things you will never know or can imagine that has allowed me to read a person, know their behaviors, know exactly what to expect, it is how I had to survive, trust me, I am no fool.
I chose to build others up. It gives me joy to see that people smile, I love seeing a woman confident in their own skin in the true beauty kind of way where they make everyone around them feel beautiful and feel happy. That is true beauty and confidence. A strong woman inspires other woman to be the best they can be and shines for them when they have been knocked down and helps them up. A strong woman never looks down on another woman unless they are helping them up.
I chose to be strong! I will use your bitterness, your rude comments and your assumed judgement of who I am as the fuel of my soul to show you that I am strong and I will use it to shine back a light in which maybe you can learn the beauty of buildings others up, instead of tearing them down for your own delight because you yourself have insecurities like the rest of us.
I encourage everyone to give it a try. It’s not easy, in fact it is very hard, but it is the most rewarding and you have the opportunity to give someone a gift of true compassion, love, and beauty ūüôā You will set the standard for allowing everyone to be unique and beautiful in who they really are.


Insecurities bring out the ugly in all of us. After all they stem from our own negative self talk and image and how others talk to us and treat us and what the world says we should be. When did speaking negative and treating others unkindly become so much easier than finding the positive and speaking it? We are all so worried about being hurt, rejected, or good enough that we build our own walls to protect us from being hurt but it doesn’t accomplish that at all! Being able to put yourself out there especially to those we feel threatened by maybe because of how they look or possibly by the nasty way they treat us makes us vulnerable!
Vulnerability is an extremely difficult value to learn but how truly beautiful it can be, it allows us to feel more compassion for others, it allows us to build others up in a genuine way and it allows also to see the beauty within ourselves that we cheat ourselves out of daily by being afraid to be real and what others might think or say! Vulnerability is actually an incredible strength and the farthest thing from a weakness. Find the positive in your life and in others and speak it. Speak light and not focus on the negative or the what ifs, focus on the now and here and see the positive and beauty in everything, allow yourself to be vulnerable!! It allows you to see life from a very different perspective! I won’t mislead you, allowing yourself to be vulnerable especially to somebody or something you are threatened by takes lots of courage but after a few times it actually brings so much light into your life! Speak life, shine and bring light to others! It’s an amazing feeling to put someone else’s insecurity to rest, to find the gold in everyone and to make someone sparkle a little brighter by being vulnerable and courageous enough to speak the positive and see the Beauty in everything after all it’s not the norm everything is so focused on everything bad.

Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

I am learning to be comfortable being incomfortable!
Sometimes we are so afraid to step outside of our comfort zones or face our fears! I am learning that truly everything we want is on that other side of our fear! Our fears and insecurities are the only things that hold us back for ourselves, our goals and our successes!
Life is about learning, falling, failing, getting back up and starting over, it’s about perseverance, and strength, weakness and growing! It’s about facing fears, learning to believe in yourself, redefining yourself, loving fully, giving of yourself without expectation, being kind and smiling even sometimes you just want to cry, it’s about giving it your all even after you have been crushed or disappointed!
Life is not meant to be easy! The easy things are easy! It’s the hard things that are worth it and take the most work yet they are the most rewarding and bring the most joy and fulliment.
So love with all you have, give as if there is no tomorrow, enjoy the moment of each day and don’t let your fears hold you back or steal your joy!

From Ashes I Rise

From the ashes I Rise!
Life has a funny way of knocking you down and pain has a way to make you burn! I have learned that each time I burn to where there is nothing left but ash, I emerge a stronger, more determined and better person! There is so much truth to say we are refined by fire. It’s the refining part that causes us so much pain but it’s the emerging that makes us grateful and humble or more kind! Above all, have more grace for ourselves and others! Some chose not to rise and become bitter, hateful and self serving. I choose to rise and hopefully each time I become more beautiful, inner beauty is what I strive for.

First blog post

Welcome to my blog.  This is the first time I have tried my hand at blogging. The purpose of my blog is to inspire others to rise from their ashes to find their own inner beauty. I have been on my own personal journey with this and it has been quite the challenge.

Today, we live in a world where we are surrounded with anger, bitterness, hate, resentment, jealousy, envy, and all sorts of ugliness. We all face storms, trials, hurts, pain and sadness.  The things we wake up every day and strive for are the very things that create our hurts and create others to treat us poorly.  We strive for success and riches, yet success bring out either the conceit in our hearts or brings out the jealousy and envy of others. We to be beautiful, pretty, skinny, whatever that looks like yet this becomes such a obsession that we lose who we are, we lose sight that we are all beautiful, we are striving for the wrong beautiful, that harder we strive for perfection, we become more ugly within or the more others become mean and ugly to us because they feel jealous, envious and their own insecurities make them bitter. We are striving for the wrong things, we need to be striving to love one another, build one another up, we need to be striving to be kind, we need to be striving to help others, we need to strive for things that bring beauty, the inner beauty. Of course, we all need to strive to do well in our jobs so we can provide for our families, yet but need to learn the balance of being able to do that without it costing us our marriages, our families, and our self respect. This world has become so self serving, I am so determined to change that. I feel so incredible when I make someone else day even if its by a compliment that I do serving my own needs and wants.

I have been on this intent mission of finding my worth in the darkness of my own worthlessness, being kind to those who hurt me, knock me down, laugh at me and have made me feel worthless by loving them and building them up. I want everyone to seek their own beauty within. I am striving to be someone who inspires others to do the same. The more I love on others and the more I point out the beauty in each person despite their ugliness the more I can see the beauty, strength, and courage within me.

I want this blog to encourage others to rise in courage to build others up, love them right where they are at and inspire them to grow by pointing out their own inner beauty. I want to encourage those who feel like there is no hope, they feel like they can’t crawl out of the¬†obyess of insecurities or find their value as I have been there. My life experiences have knocked me flat on my face, wondering how many times I tried to rise I¬†would get¬†slammed down again.

WE are human, we all have insecurities, we all have our own ugliness, but we also have our own beauty that no one else can possess and we all have different strengths and weaknesses that if we exhibited those differently we could all start slowly putting others insecurities to rest by helping them where they are weak and in return they could also give to us where we are weak. If people could be real and raw and not hide behind a façade of being someone they think the world would accept, imagine how beautiful this world could be.

Being real and raw is courageous as it makes us vulnerable, yet I am learning it is in this vulnerability we truly see our own beauty and strength and it is starting to bring this whole new amazing light into my life. From the ashes we rise, burning is not always a bad thing, it refines us, and we emerge more beautiful than ever.¬†It’s when we experience pain, hurt and suffering, that we also learn to be humble,learn humility, learn¬†grace, and give compassion freely.

This is my journey of rising from my own ashes, to find my own beauty within and hope that it inspires others to do that same.